Our home’s floor is essential. It speaks of elegance to any home. It denotes sophistication to any establishment. It may bring comfort or nuisance to anyone who steps into it. With this regard, floorings, may it be in a home or an establishment is being given utmost consideration.

Gone are the days that you will have to satisfy yourself with ordinary cement as your flooring. Today, there are several types of floorings available in the market. Each specific type of flooring has its own cleaning measures.

Vinyl is a commonly used type of flooring. It is also one of the common types of flooring which is easy to clean. Most floor cleaners� tip is to simply polish vinyl flooring with floor maps washed or dipped in soap and water. There are ready-mixes of cleaning solution made especially for vinyl flooring.

Wood flooring on the other hand requires different types of cleaning methods. Cleaning depends on the type of wood your floor is made of. Generally, it is recommended for you to use a mild alkaline solution. Most importantly, you should not forget to rinse your wood flooring with water after you have applied cleaning solutions into it. By doing so, water absorption of the wood will be prevented that will make your flooring last.

Like wood flooring, meticulous water rinsing is also needed if you have ceramic type of flooring. This is a must undertaking especially if you will be using acid-based cleaning solution. Studies show that acid-based solutions attack grout, which weaken the ceramic type of flooring.

If acid-base solution is apt with ceramic floorings, it is not recommended with natural marble. Floor cleaner solutions, which are acid-based, weaken marble that will result to damaged flooring. In addition, too much use of alkaline cleaning solutions can also bring negative effects into your marble flooring. Survey shows that alkaline lightens the color of marble flooring.

Another type of flooring sensitive to strong acid-based cleaning solutions is a concrete floor. It is important that concrete floorings be regularly sealed with a particular sealant. By doing so, the composition of concrete will not easily deteriorate. Deciding not to seal concrete-type of flooring will result to easy penetration of dirt, grease and oil. Prior to applying sealant, you need to clean, etch and dry the area to be sealed.

Sealants or floor coatings are also recommended to use not only with concrete floors but with terrazzo as well. Having such will ensure long-lasting flooring. Moreover, it also serves as agents making your flooring safe for everybody. Terrazzo is a type of flooring that is made up of granite or marble chips grinded to smoothness.

Both concrete and terrazzo requires sealant or coating while with brick flooring you have the option not to. Nevertheless, if you desire to coat your brick floors, you can do so using acrylic seals that are water-based. Generally, the best cleaning tip for brick flooring is simply sweeping the area and cleansing it with mild detergent.

Types of flooring differ from one place to another. There may be two places where you encounter the same type of flooring yet you picture or feel it differently. It can be due to how the flooring is cleaned and maintained.