Nothing beats the pleasure of relaxing right at your home. You have everything you need at your disposal and you have nice, cozy stuffs that could add to the comfortable, peaceful environment. However, most of us can’t for we find it hard to feel comfortable even in our very havens. Why? Because quite often, we have no time to attend to the need for maintaining our homes, most specifically our rugs and carpets.

Below are some rug cleaning tips that will help address the need for regular and thorough rug cleaning:

It always starts with prevention. If you can foresee the possible events that could lead to damaging your rugs then you will no longer have to worry about future problems. Taking proper measures could help limit the chances of buying expensive cleaning products or replacement of the rug due to unnecessary wear.

Include vacuuming in your regular cleaning habit. By doing this, you can prevent the build up of soil and other dirt that have contracted your rug. Remember that most of the wear in your rugs are caused primarily by this reason. Take your time in vacuuming the rug/s and be sure that you’re doing it correctly. This means that you have to really inspect the whole rug before and after you vacuum, ensuring that you have left no dirt before. Nonetheless, vacuuming alone may not be enough. Be sure to really dig deep into the fiber of the rug. You can either ask a professional to do it for you or you can buy a deep cleaning machine.

Don’t rub carelessly and harshly on a rug stain. Chances are, the stain would only spread and might cause permanent damage on the fabric.

Attend to stains quickly, nearly a hundred percent of stains could be removed by one cleaning product or another if removed in a few days time. Once the stain sets into the fabric of the rug however, the chemical reaction will remain for sometime which makes it quite impossible to remove. Also, always treat the stains very well. If you fail to do this, the stain that you have removed before may reappear after sometime. For prevention, you can cover the rug stain overnight with a thick absorbable cloth and weigh down with something heavy. This will help press the cloth to the rug. After which, clean the stain accordingly.

Before applying any chemicals or cleaning agents on your rug, test a small portion first and check for changes. Some carpets are very sensitive and may loose colors quickly against certain chemicals.

Among the hardest stains to remove in rugs are the mildews and the molds. They don’t grow overnight so you could not expect to get rid of them overnight too. While they may be the most stubborn stains, they only require simple solutions plus a lot of patience. For colored rugs, you can go for lemon juice, non-chlorine bleach or salt solution. However, you can also use hydrogen peroxide for the stains if you are sure that these would not be harmful for the specific rug.

Always watch for spills on your rug and attend to them immediately. Usually, water helps a lot in cleaning spills however, if this does not work you can expand your search towards some cleaning agents.