There may come a time that our kitchen requires a make-over. As our face would look good with makeup, so does our kitchen. In truth, many individuals are now resorting to painting their kitchen instead of renovating it. It’s an inexpensive way to give you kitchen a completely new look.

Looking For Kitchen Ideas

Before you start painting with colors that you think might change the look of your kitchen for the better, you need to look for ideas that would fit the over all theme. You have to consider the layout, as well as the design of the kitchen to a successful make over.

For starters, you can check out home improvement shows on TV for some ideas on what colors would suit your kitchen. You can buy magazines and catalogues that features different kitchen in different colors and textures. If you don’t have the time in checking these out one-by-one, then you can use the power of the Internet to do so.

Home improvement sites on the Internet hosts different pictures of homes with assorted designs, that includes the bedroom, living room, and of course, the kitchen. You might even do some additional research on colors that will suit your kitchen walls, as well as the different cabinets and fixtures.

Tools Of The Trade

There are 3 types of painting tools that you will need on this project. You have the paint brush, spray gun, and a roller.

A brush is the most common tool in painting your kitchen walls and cabinets, but can leave marks on larger areas when done incorrectly, and using a brush takes some time in painting the kitchen. A spray gun is fast but expensive to use. You need to take some extra precaution to avoid accidentally spraying on surrounding areas. You may need to cover them with newspapers so you won’t leave any stains in its wake.

The best choice in painting your kitchen would be a roller. Then can cover a lot of area in a short period of time. You may have to resort to a paint brush on hard to reach places like the insides of the cabinet and so on.


Before painting your kitchen, you might need to remove appliances and cover up fixtures to avoid accidental paint jobs. Cover the countertops, tables, and chairs to avoid them being dripped on with excess paint.

For a complete and professional paint job, you might want to remove kitchen and cabinet doors so that you can paint all the sides. You might need to mark them well so that you can easily fix them back when you’re done.

Rather than painting the entire kitchen with a single color, you can vary them to provide a flexible design. You can paint the cabinets with a different color than that of the walls; but it’s best to be sure that their hues are compatible so not to appear slapdash.

Finishing Touches

You can apply finishing touches after giving your kitchen a thorough paint job. You can go for different finishes and experiment with each one on which would look best with the new color and theme of your kitchen. You can even utilize the use of a stencil to give it a dreamy look and elegant taste.